August 27, 2010

Interview with Lily Spencer

Lily was Dressed by ColbyDesigns
Photo: Reece Ramsden

We were lucky enough to interview 16 year old Queensland ballerina Lily Spencer, who is currently studying at the Royal Ballet School in London. Check out the interview.

How old were you when you started ballet and what is one of your fondest memories from your early training?
I started ballet when i was 5 years old and will always remember the many times i performed on stage in front of my friends and family, and seeing how proud they were.

Where and how long have you been studying Full Time?
I started full-time training in 2008 at The Royal Ballet School in London.

If you weren't a ballerina what would you like to be doing instead?
I love to play the violin, so perhaps become a musician in an Orchestra.

What is you favourite Ballet?

Both Don Quixote and Swan lake because Kitri in Don Quixote is a fiery character just like me when i dance, and Odette in Swan Lake has beautiful long extensions.

What or who inspires you?
My older sister Georgina inspires me as i always wanted to be just like her when i was younger.

What advice would you offer to dancers wanting to follow in you footsteps?
Take risks, because i believe that all the hurdles which come before us are meant to be leapt over, rather than stop us or slow us down.

We loved chatting with lily, she is such a beautiful dancer and we wish her all the best for the an amazing future ahead of her.

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