April 27, 2010

Dreams can come true!!

Open Auditions have just started around the country for the up and coming musical sensation Hairspray, which is directed by David Atkins and Choreographed by Jason Coleman.
Hairspray the musical will premiere in Melbourne October 2010.

Check the Hairspray website for more details on audition venues and what preparation you should do before you try out.

Good luck or as the Pointed Toes team would say "Chookas".

April 15, 2010

Break dancing Bach

Photograph by: David Gannon, AFP, Getty images, Agence France-Presse

Award winning hip hop group "Flying Steps" and an avante -gard Musical director from Berlin are paying Tribute to the amazing composer Bach by putting a spin on the composers 300 year old music.

The six hip hip dancers will perform a 70 minute routine at a Berlin Modern art museum with Bach's music pumping through speakers and visuals projected on the museums walls.

April 12, 2010

We saw Mr Gerswhin

We were lucky enough over the weekend to go and see the French Dance Company "Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu" pay tribute to the Famous Composer George Gershwin.

The performance was a combination of Ballet, Hip-hop, Tap and singing will also some amazing backdrop screen shots. It was a beautiful night out at the Opera House, here are some photos of our night.

Our program and tickets

A side shot of the Opera House

Good Morning, Mr Gershwin sign.

April 5, 2010

It's Cover Up Time

The Easter Long Weekend has come to an end as well as those wonderful long summer days of Daylight savings. But all is not lost as the beginning of the cooler weather is starting to kick in and its time to pull on your dancing cover ups.

The Pointed Toes online shop has all your cover up needs from Long Sleeve Crossovers to Ballet and Jazz/Tap Tights. (Don't forget we are still offering FREE SHIPPING on Ballet and Jazz/Tap Tights -see the online shop for more details)

Also Keep an eye out for some cool warm up gear coming to the Pointed Toes online shop soon.