December 9, 2008

Free Dance Classes at Paris Airport

This year was a great year to be flying through Paris airport. It was easy to kill time when there was free dance lessons on offer. The aim was to keep tempers cool, spirits high, and everyone in the swing of things while waiting for a flight. Passengers could learn any one of 15 dance styles on offer by the airport's resident trainers from "L'Ecole des Vacances," and have fifteen minutes away from the stresses of flying.  
If only sydney airport would employ a similar scheme.  

The Famous Napoleon Dynamite Dance

The awesome dance scene in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite " was choreographed by Jon Heder (Napoleon) with a little help from Tina Majorino (Deb). Heder also states that some of the dance moves were "borrowed" from Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, John Travolta, "Soul Train" (1971), in combination with some of his own moves.-- Jon Heder's big dance scene was the last scene scheduled and film ran out while shooting it. Consequently the sequence was edited from less than 10 minutes of his dancing.

For Napoleon's dance routine, director Jared Hess told Jon Heder to improvise and dance to three different songs. Hess then took the "best" moves from each song and put them in one routine, using only one song.