April 1, 2009

Boogie Town

Boogie Town is a modern version of West Side Story for the hip hop generation.
The movie is set in New York in 2015 with illegal dance contests that take place in the underground world of ‘Boogie Town’. Marco and Jay are leaders of rival dancing gangs, they acquire superpowers and take the contests to a whole new level. Marco also falls in love with Jay’s sister Natalie and the two become like modern day Romeo and Juliet who have a forbidden love affair.

Boogie Town is directed and written by Chris Stokes (Director of "You Got Served") and choreography is by Shane Sparks (Choreographer for "SYTYCD USA" and judge of "MTV's

The movie is set to be released in the USA in June this year, so lets hope it hits Cinemas in Australia not long after.

But for the mean time check out the 'Boogie Town' trailer for a sneak peek.

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